Barbie Birthday Cakes


Let’s just start this off by saying… I am NOT a talented baker. Like for reals. Joe and I have probably tried making cake balls like 50 times and they never work. I don’t even understand how that’s possible, but it is! Like seriously we’re cursed.

But the main problem is that despite my lack of talent… I love baking! Like soooo much! Every day I have this urge to bake cupcakes or a giant cake or even just cookies. So I keep playing around and sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m not. I’m getting better though… that’s the point RIGHT?!

Okay not onto the barbie cakes…. I LOVE BARBIE CAKES! When I was probably 8 years old, my friend had a Barbie cake for her birthday and ever since then I have been OBSESSED! I never had one for my own birthday (dang it), but I wanted to make one SO BAD, so I basically forced my family to let me try and make one for my nieces’ birthdays. The first one I made was a Cinderella cake for my niece Brooklyn!


This is the only picture I could find and I’m kind of grateful for that! Ha! It was a learning experience to say the least and boy was that thing giant! Also, as the mediocre baker I am, have a special knack for not knowing when to stop! I look at it and think- that looks great!, but then I’m like- ooo she needs a necklace and ooo her dress needs a little trim on the bottom and the next thing you know she is decked out to the max and I can’t take it back. Joe tried to stop me numerous times, but I just kept adding. I finally had to run out of frosting!

Now for Mia’s birthday, she wanted an Elsa cake… can you say EASY. I decided to keep  it as simple as possible and here ya have it…. Elsa’s a hottie! Well her body is a bit misshapen, but hey baby got back! She ain’t afraid to flaunt it. Mhm!


Ps. The cake was pink ombre! I’d never tried it before, so it is not perfect and I think its upside down, but hey ya live and ya learn!


Mia loved Elsa despite her imperfections!


If you’ve never made a barbie cake, take it from me… you can do it! Look up youtube videos that explain how and go for it! Its super easy and fun! You can use any frosting and cake recipe you want. May the force be with you!


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