Why a blog?!

Hi I’m Michele!!… if you’re reading this, I hope you know that. But I won’t judge you if you don’t. Just don’t stalk me, okay?

So why am I starting a blog? Well, I have way too many interests! Like its bad. I made a list of everything I wanted to be good at and it gets a little crazy. Is anyone else like that?… but worse than that, I like telling EVERYONE, everything about all my interests. I think I’m getting worse in my old age. I just like talking too much. Hence the need for a blog. Hopefully now I can just write all my thoughts and save the world from having to listen to my love for cupcakes or my work out or a singing discovery or what I read in a book yesterday. So this is a selfishly and selflessly done. But if you like one of things I do, then you can read that and ignore the rest! Woo Hoo! Or you can leave me to my rants and keep this blog at far distance… I wouldn’t blame you… but either way, here goes nothing!


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