The Newlywed 15 + Crock Pot Picadillo Peppers

Okay disclaimer…

I’m not an amazing runner (or even a good one), I don’t have abs of steel, I am like the world’s worst dieter, and the longest I’ve gone off sugar is like 4 days…. BUT I’m working on it okay?!

After Joe and I had been married for a little and had both gained our Newlywed 15, we were both feeling nasty and not looking our hottest either… so we decided to shape up and try to eat better and exercise more.

Eating was kind of tricky because we both were gone so much. I was literally gone all day and then by the time I got home I was starving, and Joe was on his way home starving too! I needed to have a meal ready in like 15 minutes or the only time we spent together all day was spent in HANGER (hungry anger)!

So basically the crock pot became my BFF. Like for reals we were close. But has anyone else noticed that all crock pot recipes are super fattening?! I needed some healthy crock pot meals…. then suddenly I found SkinnyTaste!!! I followed them on Pinterest and badaboombadabing I found that they had a crock pot board. I basically made everything on there. Some we loved, some we liked… but we found some dang good and easy recipes!

I love SkinnyTaste! There normal recipes are delicious as well.

One of our favorites was Crock Pot Picadillo Stuffed Peppers!

You can find this recipe here. And some of my other favorite recipes on my Pinterest. Check out my Tried and Loved board. I promise you… its all delicious. If it ain’t it don’t make the board… dun dun dun!!


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