Golden Birthday Cupcakes!!

Have you ever heard of a “Golden” Birthday??

I’ve just researched and discovered that a Golden Birthday is actually when you’re turning the same age as your birth date. My Birthday is August 18th, so my Golden Birthday was when I turned 18!… Well my in laws LOVE a party… which is why I love them. My father-in-law turned 57 this year and was born in ’57, so (because we like to party) we decided that could count and we threw him an AWESOME GOLDEN BIRTHDAY PARTY!


My in-laws have come to understand my love for baking and have been very kind to accept it, despite my lack of real skill… another reason why I love them. I was assigned- cupcakes! Yes! Best job ever!

Let’s just say I got into it! Jeff, my father-in-law, is a jeweler. Like the best jeweler EVER (I mean come on have you sing my wedding ring #jackpot #marryajewelersson). Hence the nickname- J.J. Bling! So golden isn’t just his birthday theme, but kinda like his life theme…. so I needed to make this AWESOME! First I wanted gold cupcake liners. So, clearly, I went to my mom’s cupboard and what did I find… Gold Cupcake Liners. Check!

Next I needed a chocolatey chocolate cake recipe (he loved Texas sheet cake) and a chocolatey chocolate frosting recipe, so where did I go? Your Cup of Cake of course! Okay so Lizzy- creator of Your Cup of Cake is a friend of a friend (shout out to Alexis #myonlyblogreader). I started using recipes on her blog because I knew her and because they are easy, cake mixes made delicious, and quickly I fell in love! Her recipes are AMAZING! Anytime I want a good cupcake or cake recipe, I go on her blog and pick and choose the cake and frosting recipes I want and put them together!

This time I found exactly what I needed from her Easy Chocolate Cupcakes recipe!

It was easy and delicious! Just not very nutritious. I made some gold frosting too, but I’ll admit… I just found some store bought frosting in my mom’s fridge. I know, I know… poser.

But lets get back to all the times I did something cool without being a poser or messing up #miracle!

Okay so once I made those and piped on the frosting… I needed some bling!!

Because of my hoarding problem (or talent, whatever you want to call it), I was able to find turn normal paper into gold glitter paper and make an adorable cupcake topper without having to go to the store. Boom baby!! My mom’s kitchen + my craft stash is a guaranteed recipe for success. Go team!

Drum roll please… Golden Cupcakes!!!


Cute right?!

I’m still in love with them! So here’s a close up of my cute topper…

I’ll admit, I forgot the word Birthday… baha but who cares! “Happy Golden” works too right?!


Yay for fun Parties!! Happy Golden Jeff!


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