MJ’s Halloween Sweet and Salty Mix!

Mary Jane Leaver made me her Halloween Sweet and Salty Mix last year and I have been OBSESSED ever since! It is the most delicious thing EVER! My brother said that she sent him some when he was on his mission and he thought, “what the heck, this is the weirdest combination ever…” but then he ate the entire thing the next day. I’m telling you, its random, but magical. TRUST ME!


Honey roasted peanuts
Pretzels, sticks (trust me)
Fritos, original
Goldfish, original

Candy Corn
MnM’s, fall colored
MnM’s Candy Corn flavored (trust me!!)
Dots (again… trust me)
Oreo mini cookies or halloween colored animal crackers
Black licorice (optional)



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