Our Trip to Grand Cayman!!


It was literally the best thing ever!


Joe has a friend from his mission who has a house in Grand Cayman. He asked Joe a few months ago if we wanted to go with him, his wife, and one other couple for a week to their home. At first we like “oh gosh, I don’t know”… and then after REALLY thinking about it we were like “DUH!”


After a red-eye flight and a long layover, we were really wondering what we had gotten ourselves into… and then we walked off the airplane and felt the PERFECT amount of humidity in the air, met up with the other amazing couples, spent a ridiculous amount on groceries, drove across the island on the wrong side of the road, and finally ended up at this view…


We got ourselves into the best thing ever.

Soon after arriving, we figured out that this vacation had everything that a successful vacation needs!

And we developed…

{The Ultimate Recipe for the Best Vacations Ever}

#1- Pick the right people!


Okay this time the people picked us (thank heavens), but they were such a fun group to be with. Plus Joe and I got to hang out 24/7! Our group was perfect because we could go off and do our own thing or hang out with the other couples and laugh our faces off, play games, and EAT.  Plus the boys could go do their own crazy things and the girls could do their own lazy things.



#2 Convenient Location


Okay now this doesn’t mean you have to be in an amazing location like Cayman, but your location has to have CONVENIENCE!

Now I realize this is hard to do and that we were totally spoiled on this trip, but here’s all the things we had to make this location SOOO convenient…

  • a kitchen stocked with all the best kitchen gadgets- blender, crockpot, kitchen aide, pots and pans- anything you needed, they had. Each couple made dinner twice and we had everything we needed and only had to go to the grocery store once. It was soooo perfect!
  • a washer and dryer, freezer, bedroom, fridge, slurpee machine, and anything else you need… right there!
  • ummm a private beach next to your house- we’d snorkel right there in the bay, rinse off in the pool, lay out next to the pool, get a drink and a snack in the house, read on the hammock, and do it all again. It was all RIGHT THERE! Any Island attractions were a bike ride or boat ride away and they had a million bikes! Oh my gosh these people think of everything.


So now you see how spoiled we were.

#3 The right combination of laziness and craziness


There were so many “once in a lifetime” things on this trip…

like swimming with sting rays (that don’t sting you)



snorkeling with the sting rays and at the reef!


(and sitting on ancient toilets at the bottom of the ocean)


and catching lion fish.



Then there were many typical beach activities…

like kayaking, paddle boarding, jet-skiing and finding coconuts.





Or there were fun activities with the group

like bocce ball,


and GAMES {Settlers of Catan and all of the above}.


BUT between the craziness… we were LAZY!

We laid out, we ATE, we read, we laid in hammocks, we watched the sunset…


BUT my favorite lazy thing was laying out in the middle of the bay on a paddle board! I would sit up when I got to far out, paddle back and then lay back down again. Seriously world there is nothing cooler.


We truly had the perfect combination of things to do, without having too much to do.

#4 No Pressure

I wore no make up, no fancy clothes, and felt NO PRESSURE to do anything or be anywhere. Something that I loved about this trip is that we could do what we wanted!

Me and Joe could hang out just the two of us on paddle boards in the middle of the ocean and go kayaking (and almost sink)

OR he could run off and catch fish with the boys while I sat back and sunbathed with the girls

OR we could all be together and have the 1st ever Cayman Games.

It was perfect to feel NO PRESSURE!


So there you have it… the recipe for a successful trip is

#1 The Right People

#2 A Convenient Location

#3 The Right Amount of Laziness and Craziness

#4 No Pressure


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