{Our Love Story} Part 2- By Joe

Finally the long awaited PART 2 of our love story!!

Recap- Joe asked me out over Facebook, we went on one date and then I burned him a bit by not responding. Rough. But, what happened next?

After much persistence, Joe and I went on another two dates. I’m going to let Joe explain. I’m not so good at remembering all the details like he is…

Hi… I’m Joe, the romantical guy who waited 6 years for Meesh to fall in love with him. I remember every detail of every date we ever had because I knew I was gonna trick this chick into marrying me. The double date with Parker and Gina started out successful in my mind then had a traumatizing ending.

1st… we went to the old Game Works down on the strip. It was a ton of fun and this is probably when Meesh first saw my competitive side. I remember killing Parker in air hockey as if it proved that someday I would be able to hunt and provide for our family. It would appear that my tactics were working. I escorted her to games that were my strength, Jurassic Park and the Shooting Contest. Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptors attacked from all angles and I unselfishly used my last bullets to shoot down a raptor that was flying at her face only to sacrifice my own health as a nearby predator attacked. By the end of our 1 hour unlimited game-play I was confident that I had convinced her that my genes were what she wanted in her pool.

High on life, I suggested we headed to my house to playing a game I call R.O.C.K.  This is where things took a turn for the worse. The game of R.O.C.K. consists of running frantically around the pool table and throwing pool balls. No one else on the date had ever played the game, thus the burden laid upon my shoulders to teach them. I launched the first pool ball and ran as quickly as I could around the table cutting one corner too sharp allowing the corner of the pool table to hit the inside of my left hip and completely drop me to the ground. Hyena laughter filled the room as all three attendees laughed so hard their eyes filled with water. The injury had appeared much worse than it actually was but the laughter was not subdued as it appeared that I had been hit in a rather comical area, at that age. I quickly popped up to explain what happened but my words were drowned out by laughter. I saw all confidence I had gained from her, just hours ago, slipping through my fingers.

I had to react quickly so with a red face I began to teach the rules of the game once more. I rounded the table quickly only to cut the same corner too closely and be dropped by a familiar blow to the hip. Silence filled the room as they laughed so uncontrollably that the only thing that could be heard were occasional gasps for air air that sound like Zombies coming back from the dead. I laid on the floor completely demoralized. Any glance I threw Meesh’s way only resulted in more laughter. As she attempted to regain control in was evident that the date was over as she could not even look at me without laughing.

In all honesty I don’t remember much after that. I was so traumatized that I did my best to block everything out. Counseling helped. We didn’t speak for weeks I a fasted and prayed that the memory of the date would be erased from her mind (and it seemed that worked because all of the dates were erased from her mind).

Sufficient time had passed and now I was thirsty for another date. This time it would be fair as I was bringing my wingman and best friend Dane. We started with the bowling, once again another area in which I felt I could excel. Every time I faced the pins to roll the ball I could feel her judgmental eyes analyzing me from behind and I could almost hear he scoff when I didn’t get a strike. It sufficeth me to say that we lost by an incredible roll by Ashley in the last round. Once again I was a failure in her eyes.

After bowling we went and got Cold Stone ice cream and sat in the back of my truck asking ‘would you rather’ questions. Things appeared to be going smoothly until my cousin Dane so awkwardly pointed out Ashley’s big toe (half of it was missing). He asked what had happened and her and Meesh began to explain a horrific story of when they went to the lake and she jumped too close to the propeller on the boat. Fast forward 5 years to when Meesh and I were dating and I was reminiscing on our younger year and stated, “remember the double date we went on with the girl that got her toe cut off by a propeller?” Meesh began to laugh and said that she never got it chopped off by a propeller, but was born that way (this goes to show that Meesh never intended on seeing me after that 3rd date).

The only thing I remember after that is the awkward goodbye as I started walking her to the door, I expected a heartfelt goodbye, only to receive a side hug halfway to the door. I was completely perplexed. Third date and I had spent time, money, creativity, and everything else I could foster up and all I got was a side hug! I read that message loud and clear and after that date (and one other time when she stood me up) I knew I had played all my cards, and the odds were not in my favor.

The good news was I had planted the seed. As a young Mormon my parents always taught me ‘you marry who you date.’ My theory was if I didn’t date anyone else, then I would have to marry Meesh seeing as how she was the only person I ever dated. This theory proved to be true as the laws of attraction brought us back together a few years later when that seed has grown into a full blown love tree.

See I told you it was better to hear it from Joe- even though it may not be completely true!

No matter what happened on those first high school dates, I really had no bad feelings about Joe. When I saw him again, years later, I didn’t remember him being anything but nice to me. Good boy Joe. You definitely planted a seed. Thanks for being patient with me!

Read part 3 to find out what happened when we re-met years later!


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