Learnin to REALLY See the People Around Me

Do you ever have those AH HA moments where you suddenly understand something that you thought you understood already? It happens to me ALL the time. An experience just suddenly makes something I thought I already understood, resonate with me in a whole new, deeper way.

Well it happened to me today.

Everyday I think about what I can do to become more like Jesus Christ. I go through the usual list of things in my head, think- “I’ll work on that!” and then I pretty much forget about it until the next day. Needless to say it isn’t getting me anywhere very fast.

Well, today I was in a needy mood or something (haha) and I just wanted to see someone and feel like they loved seeing me. That sounds super strange, but I just wanted to feel loved and important I guess. Well it didn’t really happen and I think I only noticed the desire to feel that way because of the gap when I didn’t feel it.

Now… I was totally fine, but it made me think about the people I see everyday- my students, friends, family.. I can’t even think about those people without being overwhelmed by how much I love them and how grateful I am for them, but DO I SHOW IT? Or when I see them do I just act like “oh, you again.”

I am a little weird because I sometimes feel awkward telling someone that I love them or telling things I love about them. (well except Joe… he has to hear that all the time haha) I don’t know why I’m weird that way, but I’m determined to break away from it!

So here goes my challenge to show people how much I love them and how happy I am to see them EVERY TIME I see them!


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