{My First Pregnancy}


I wondered my whole life about the day I would be pregnant! I’m sure every girl thinks about it- What will I look like? How much weight will I gain (hahaha)? Will it be easy for me to get pregnant? Will I be really sick? etc etc… you just wonder!

Now I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy and have experienced all but 6 weeks and it seems absolutely crazy!!

In some ways I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER, but in many ways it seems like its been no time at all.

I’ve been very spoiled with a pretty easy pregnancy. Now I didn’t think that during the first 14 weeks of nausea, but since that has ended I really have been feeling great. Knowing so many people who have terrible pregnancies, I feel kind of like a jerk saying that… But hey I haven’t gone through labor and delivery yet- that could really change my thoughts about being pregnant!


Mostly for my own memory, I want to recap the things that I’ve learned so far from being pregnant!

1. Sympathy

Like I mentioned earlier, I was nauseous a lot during the first trimester. It’s easy to look back now and think that it was no big deal, but oh gosh, in the moment, it was a big deal! It is so difficult waking up and feeling nasty everyday. It made me wonder if I would ever feel normal again and it was difficult not to get overwhelmed with frustration and disappointment.

I have never had any serious health problems and it really opened my eyes to how difficult it is to suffer with consistent health problems. I thought of women who have much harder pregnancies, as well as other children to take care of when they are so sick. How do they do it?!!!! It made me see mothers in a whole new light! (I’m sure I will do the same after I deliver this baby and start taking care of it!)

Feeling this way gave me a whole new sympathy for those with life-long health problems. I knew that my nausea was going to end, but a lot of people don’t get that reassurance. They wake up each day, not feeling great, but knowing that’s how things are going to be and there is nothing they can do to fix it. Geez that takes a strong person. I don’t think I was very positive during these weeks and I am so amazed by those people who are able to maintain a positive and selfless attitude while not feeling their best.


2. Selflessness

I’m a little hesitant to put this one up… I haven’t learned complete selflessness- that’s going to take a freaking lifetime… but sacrificing my body, my cute clothes, my ankles, my acne free skin, my stomach, AND my brain for this little person has been hard!! Its not easy to lose control of your body. There’s so much that you can’t control or change and you just have to go with it. Again- I have been pretty spoiled, but the small sacrifices I have made have helped me feel more love for this little man. Its helped me understand why being a mother is so life-changing and why serving others helps you love them. Somedays, during the beginning of my pregnancy, I would feel awful all day and the only thought that got me through it was that nausea meant there was still a little person growing inside of me who was totally worth it.


Joe likes to mock cheesy pregnancy pictures (as you can see in these last two pictures haha).

3. God is REAL!

Okay I just need to take a moment to say this… There is a HUMAN growing inside of me!! It grow without me having to do much of anything and then comes out and is PERSON! A little person who will grow, learn, gain talents, and then who can do the same and create another person.


Like for reals.. how?

Each kick from this baby makes me realize even more, that this is not by accident. God designed our bodies to perform this miracle and it truly is a miracle. He values and cherishes families because they help us grow and become like Him. God is so real and He knows each and every one of us.


NOW… I feel like I really need to list the things I’ve missed since being pregnant.. and that I am SO excited to do in a couple months!…

Lay on my belly– oh my word I can’t wait

Wear normal clothes!!!– okay it may take longer than a couple of months, but oh gosh I am tired of the same 4 shirts

Have normal skin– oh dear skin, how I have missed you

Buckle/tie my shoes easily!

Fit through tight spaces– Joe is in big trouble if he parks close to another car… I can’t fit through anymore!!

Use the bathroom a normal amount!

Have less greasy hair!

Drink a normal amount of water instead of drinking like a camel.

Walk quickly without having contractions.

NOT TAKE PRENATAL VITAMINS!!- oh my gosh I hate them with a passion! They have made me barf too many times.

Sit without feeling uncomfortable– who knew sitting could be rough.

Being pregnant has been a true blessing in my life. I am so grateful to be able to bring a little soul into this world and to be his mother. I hope and pray that he is healthy and happy and that I can be everything he needs me to be. 

Can’t wait to meet you Wes!


One thought on “{My First Pregnancy}

  1. Melinda Ringer

    So great Michele! The fact that you have documented your feelings is so wonderful for you and for your posterity!!
    You are an example to me and to so many others!
    Love you! You’ll be a wonderful mother.


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