{Wesley Daniel}

Well I have definitely been the world’s worst blogger the last few minutes months, yet I have the BEST thing to blog about… WES!


Wes is the funnest little guy! Since becoming his mom, I have learned so much about life and so much about myself- good and bad haha! He is definitely teaching me patience. He has shown me how much I can love and care for someone other than myself (and Joe 😉)! At times I have been amazed by my own patience and at times I have been praying and begging for more energy, patience, and perspective. Wes is teaching me to slow down and just be in the moment. Sometimes I realize I’ve just been carting him around all day and not really playing with him, then the second I smile at him he smiles back like he’s thinking “Finally!!! I’ve been waiting to talk to you!”

I also have truly learned how forgiving and non judgmental babies are. Wes hates having his diaper changed, so he screams and looks at me like “WHY” when I change his diaper, but when I finish and pick him up, he’s ready to smile at me again and has totally forgiven me. Wes will love anyone who shows him love. He is not judgmental in any way and I love seeing how people react when they see a baby! He entertains us for hours on end! We could both talk about him all day. It’s pretty safe to say that we are OBSESSED!imageI expected to feel like a different person after I had a baby, but I feel just the same! It’s been amazing to me that motherhood has felt so natural and normal. I am so grateful for that feeling.


I love that Wes looks so much like his daddy! The lips, the nose, the giant hands… He is his daddy’s boy! We can’t tell what color his eyes are yet. Right now they are really blue!


Wes is a chub. Sometimes when he is having a hard time sleeping and I have to rock him for a while, I feel like my patience could go for hours, but my back can’t last another minute 😂! My wimpinness plus his chubbiness is a fatal combo! This boy gonna break my back!


Wes hates….

Temperature change (well we think that’s what it is)- so having his diaper changed is his worst nightmare. He also hates when I put lotion on him. He used to hate baths, but a newborn bathtub had solved that problem!

Feeling like he’s falling!- go down the stairs or sit down too fast and Wes will clench his fists, turn bright red, hold his breath, and then let out a crazy scream!

TSA Officers- On our way to Minneapolis, a nice TSA officer said hi to Wes while I was holding him and Wes let out a CRAZY scream! I hope he doesn’t have stranger danger already! Poor TSA officer haha

Wes loves…

Milk- I mean duh, look at his rolls!


His book- we have this random infant book with shapes and colors all over it.. Wes LOVES it!


Standing!- Wes always straightens his legs and wants to stand! He does crazy arms to help balance himself. It’s the cutest.

Singing- he heard a few too voice lessons in the womb, so he loves singing now.

His big cheeks!… Oh wait maybe we just love those.


Sleeping on his belly with his lips pushed out! Weird description, but Joe does the exact same thing!


Cuddling!- but who doesn’t!


Binkies!- or lately his fist!


Flexing his muscles…


I sure do love my little family! #blessWes (hehe)



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