{Clean Eating- my new found obsession}

Clean Eating

So anyone who knows me will probably read the title and think…

Ya right!! This chick… clean eating?


And seriously I would completely agree with you. One time in college I tried to go off sweets and I thinkI lasted like two days.

So ya, me + clean eating doesn’t add up…

But something weird happened and lately I have become OBSESSED! Now that doesn’t mean I’m doing it, but I’m learning more and I have to start somewhere, right?!

So how did someone who is literally IN LOVE with cookies become obsessed with learning about clean eating….

Well the interest kind of sparked right before I left Vegas. I just kept hearing about young people who were having health problems and it made me so sad! I mean these were people much older than me, but still it made me reflect on how Joe and I would be at that point in our lives and I slightly cringed when I thought about our eating habits.

Around that same time, one of my friends posted a video about the Word of Wisdom online and it got me thinking about my eating and about my self control over certain foods. I mean I don’t feel addicted to anything, but then again I did only last two days eating no sweets… so uhhh there may be a problem that I’m denying hahaha. (watch the video here)

Then a month or so later, one of my family members was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. He’s only 38 and is extremely healthy, but it made me realize- things can happen!! Sometimes we have ZERO control! So I should probably be controlling what I can… right?! Plus, one of the things that could help slow the progression of his disease is his eating. That really makes you realize that what we eat is PRETTY important.

So… I was interested and started thinking about what I needed to do to be healthier.

Well there’s the kicker… I didn’t know.

I didn’t want a diet, I wanted a manageable lifestyle change, but where to start??

There are so many health fads and so many labels that say “low-fat”, “zero-calorie”, “sugar-free” or whatever…it’s overwhelming and I didn’t really know what really mattered and what was just a lie.

So, I started asking around. I texted my Aunt, a friend from home, and my sister in law (all who are very health conscious without being psycho and who basically are the coolest ever 👊😉) and I asked about books or blogs that I could read to teach me the basics of healthy eating. They didn’t have anything too specific, but mentioned eating clean and following the Word of Wisdom.

So I started researching clean eating. Looking at books, blogs, and suddenly I hit the JACKPOT!


You GUYS! I LOVE this blog! The blog isn’t active anymore, but all of his posts are so simple and he makes things very do-able and understandable.

Most of his posts are based on a different “healthy change.” I have loved it and have been choosing a few of them to focus on at a time. It makes it so manageable!

So here you have it…. These are the healthy changes I have chosen so far-

healthychange1HC2 HC5 HC7

I’ve started off very easy… very Do-able!. While working on these things, I’ve continued reading word of wisdom living so that I can learn more and so that I can purge my house of unhealthy stuff. There are SO many things that I have been buying that are easy to get rid of and make healthier, but I’m changing it as we go. I’m also seeing what things are manageable to make at home and what I should buy- bread, granola, hummus, etc.

Lately, I am not a huge soda drinker because Wes seems to have tummy trouble when I drink it. I drink a TON of water though… which is great, but sometimes I just want to punch water in the face! Like I want something to drink, but I’m sick of water… Does any one else feel this way?! Joe thinks I’m nuts… but it began when I was pregnant and literally felt like I was dehydrated 24/7. WOW Living (that’s referencing the blog. I just can’t handle typing it all the way out haha) understands me and he recommends 100% juice with sparkling water if you are a psycho like me and you need a break from water. Now that doesn’t mean go drink juice with every meal, but once a day or less I need a little something different.

The hardest healthy change is eating 5 servings of vegetables each day! I have realized I pretty much have to have a green smoothie every day or at least a salad to get it all in. I also have to include veggies in my dinner. Fruits are easier for me to snack on, but I’ve tried to take time to have cut all my veggies so that I could grab them easily! I also have been trying to make double the veggies in my dinner. That way I can have easy left overs the next day.

There you have it! I’m definitely a work in progress, but I’m learning a lot and am feeling like I understand things MUCH better. Go check out wordofwisdomliving.com so you can be cool like me.


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