My Happiness Project

A while ago, my awesomely cool friend, Alexis, told me about the book “My Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. Now I’ll admit I’m only halfway through, but it has already been totally inspiring!

Basically the author realizes that while she is a happy person, she isn’t as happy as she could be. She sets off on a year long happiness project to work each month on different things that will make her happier.

I think this book could also be called “My Bettering Project” because most of the things she works on are making her a better, more well rounded person and that, in turn, gives her lasting, real happiness.

To keep track of her progress, she creates a chart for the month with specific goals for each day and then every night she checks off if she has done it. I love the format of keeping track of things! Soooo I made my own chart and started my own happiness project in October.. Woo hoo!

Recently, Richard G. Scott, an apostle for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, passed away. My husband was watching a video about him on and I overheard Elder Scott’s son say that he had never seen his dad sit down on the couch and watch TV. He said his dad was always working to increase his talents and never wasted time. I seriously am so amazed by that!! He never saw him watch TV… What?! That is basically unbelieveable in today’s world.

It’s really had me thinking about how I use my time. Since becoming a Mom and moving to Minneapolis, a lot of things have changed for me. I have more at home responsibilities- cook, clean, get groceries, laundry, keep Wes healthy and happy, and etc. I also have the things I want to do for myself- exercise, read my scriptures, pray, get ready for the day, and increase my talents. When I list that all out I think- well that seems like plenty to do, but when I space it out in a week, I have a lot of left over time!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for that time, but I have to REALLY work hard to use it well!

Joe is in school, so I have a lot of just me and Wes time. I have been lucky to make awesome friends here, but still, we’re home a lot and it can get pretty quiet… You guys. Sometimes I go nuts. I need noise SO BAD!!!

Turning on the TV gives me the background noise I am DYING FOR, but then I find that I can’t help but finish a show, so I sit in front of it until it ends and then I’ve wasted a lot of time! I have also noticed less of the spirit in my home and less spiritual thoughts when I have the TV playing… Sooo I’m pushing myself to not even turn it on unless I’m social watching with friends or Joe.

When I get ready in the mornings, I turn on a talk from General Conference! This has been AWESOME! I get to learn and feel the spirit, but also have NOISE! Good noise that directs my thoughts.

However, I can’t listen to church talks all day. Maybe some day I will be that amazing, but come afternoon time- when I’ve read my scriptures, listened to a church talk, and am needing to kill the silence.. I need something a little more entertainment-ish then a talk. I just need background noise.

So far, musicals/music are helping.

Talking to someone on the phone helps me feel a little more human.

But that’s all I got. I could do books on tape, but again that’s not just background noise. I need superficial noise that makes me feel less ALONE. Working on it. If anyone reads this and has advice, let me know hahaha.

Okay how did I get off on that tangent!

The best part about this month has been my morning routine. Disclaimer- I’m still ironing out the kinks, but this is the gist…

Wake up (sleep 7 1/2 hours)

Make bed (unless Joe’s in it)

Exercise (the placement of this switches up sometimes, but I’m TRYING to do it before I eat or else it just takes too long to be ready)

Make breakfast and Joe’s lunch

Put away dishes

Get ready

Pray and Read Scriptures

This is usually not perfect- especially because Wes is still deciding when he wants to wake up, but in a perfect world I get most of it done before he wakes up. I’m a serious work in progress.

ANWAY- i’m rambling, but this is pretty much for me to ramble more than anything haha

So I’m improving, but still have lots of work. My trick will now be to continue doing the things I have been trying to do this month onto my November goals. Wish me luck!!


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