Ponderizing- D&C 50:24

D&C 50:24

24. That which is of God is light; and he that recieveth light, and continueth in God, recieveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day. 

I am so in love with this scripture. I decided to ponderize it after I read The light of the Perfect Day by Elder Larry R. Lawrence (aka Lawrence Lawrence). He says that the objective of our lives is to gain light. “Our spirits grow brighter when we feed them light. As we continue to follow the light our Father sheds on us, we receive more light and we become more like Him.”

I don’t think judgement day is a terrible, gloomy day where we will be hoping and praying that we did enough to make it to heaven, only to find out that we came up short in a few areas, so we’re doomed to Hell forever!

I actually think it’s way more simple than that. I believe we will go where we feel worthy  and that each person will be happy where they are, and, as Elder Lawrence says, “If we have accumulated enough celestial light in our spirits, we will be resurrected with celestial bodies.” So if we have worked to surround ourselves with good, increasing our light, and therefore increasing the spirit, it will be obvious and easy to know where we should be. We will be LIKE Christ, who is the LIGHT of the World.

Focusing on filling my life with light teaches me, again, how to measure the good, better, and best things in my life. What things are filling me with light and what are taking away that light? What things increase that light the most?- those are the things that should be the priority in my life.

Now I say this after a week of just being a plain old slacker, but today I will be taking the sacrament and vowing to do better! To mourn with those that mourn, to comfort those hat stand in need of comfort, to take upon me the name of Christ and to represent Him in all I do, and to do activities that help me to always remember Him. When I do things that increase the light in my life, I am coming one step closer to Christ and remembering Him.

I am so grateful for the Savior. I am grateful for His Atonement. He is behind everything good that I do or that has been done unto me. I am also grateful for His example so that I know what to strive for. ❤️


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