Deepening My Day

Today has been an ordinary day. Wes woke me up early, we went on a walk, said goodbye to Joe, ate breakfast, got ready for the day, played, I taught voice lessons, and now he’s taking a nap. Things are happy and peaceful and it’s been a great day!

But as I just sat down to read my scriptures I didn’t feel in a very spiritual. So, I scrolled around on and found a wonderful video about prayer. As I watched it I felt the spirit and I felt a change in my attitude. My thoughts deepened. I thought of people who I needed to pray for. I thought of the Savior and of how I was using the Atonwment to improve. I realized that although the my day has been good, it has been very surface. Wes woke up early, so I didn’t say my morning prayers or read my scriptures when i first got up. Yes I’m reading my scriptures now, but I could have used this spiritual deepening before I started the day. If I had, would I have thought of someone to serve this morning when the time was right? Would I have had different conversations with my voice students that they or I truly needed? Would I have felt more Christlike love for the people around me?

Sometimes I feel weird talking about spiritual things with other people and I think it’s because I’m used to going about the day on the surface. When I have to suddenly dive deep I notice the change and I feel weird about it. But if I can learn to keep a depth of feeling and thinking, it won’t be such a change. I will also be more in tune with the spirit and be able to follow promptings.

Now I’m not saying I want to talk only of the gospel 24/7 or that I want to be constantly pondering, I’m much to light hearted for that… But I would love to be a little more grounded each day- thinking of others, thinking of the Savior, and ready to share my love for the gospel.

Here’s to my new goal of gaining depth in my daily life. 👏🏼👏🏼


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